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​Course Curator: Dr. G. Danford (PhD Helsinki School of Economics, MBA The London Business School)


Change Management 2.0

The change management (CM) principles covered in this course explore how people and teams are affected by organizational transition.

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What You'll Discover in Our Premier Course

  • Change Management 2.0
    Models of change, structural barriers to change, cultural challenges, implementing change, and much more.
  • Hear From The Experts
    Academics (Harvard University, Stanford University, INSEAD etc.), Business Leaders (McKinsey, Bain & Co. etc.), and Company Case Studies (Kodak, Nokia, etc.).
  • Learning Content 
    Edited video clips (80+), readings, exercises, presentations, multiple quiz formats, learning games, and more!
  • Three Learning Paths To Choose From
    Surface Path: Suitable for learners with limited time. Strategic Path:  Focuses on the essential knowledge. Transform Path: Achieve deep-learning in this domain.

How to Benefit From Self-Directed Learning

"Adults should acquire the skills necessary to achieve the potentials of their personalities" ~ M. Knowles

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) is an approach to learning which has been practiced for over 50 years. The SDL process is controlled by the learner, and moves through a series of steps (what you wish to learn, and with what resources). SDL is not validated by, or motivated through, a higher authority. SDL assumes that the learner is 'consciously competent' in knowing what to do, in order to attain their goals.

Self Directed Learning Process

  • 1. CONTENT

Interactive Assessments

Gamification of assessment

Reflection & Recall

Pre-content and Post-content assessments are used (this is the most proven method for measuring learning).


How To Start A Startup

Global Management 2.0

Performance Management

What Learners Are Saying:

Shane Designer

"Self-directed Learning empowered me to take control of my development."

Helen Transformation Officer

"This course is fantastic. It is full of great wisdom and content. "

John Manager

"I have been always ready to learn although, I never enjoyed being taught."

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