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NEW COURSE: Change Management 2.0


What is Change Management? What are the most important CM practices? Why are people and teams affected by organizational change? How to start a successful change management program in your organization?

​Course Curator: Dr. G. Danford (PhD Helsinki School of Economics, MBA London Business School)

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How SDL Works

Self-Directed Learning (SDL) has been practiced for over 50 years. The process is controlled by the learner, and moves through a series of steps. SDL assumes that the learner is 'consciously competent' in knowing what to do, in order to attain their goals.

  • Step 1:  CONTENT
  • step 2:  ACTIVITY
  • step 3: TEST & REFLECT

First You Start With Content: Quality  videos from world experts, readings etc.

First you watch short videos.

Then a summary of main points.

Great readings are recommended.

All course content is identified, reviewed, and approved by faculty.


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What Learners Are Saying:

Shane Designer

"Self-directed Learning empowered me to take control of my development."

Anna Transformation Officer

"This course is fantastic. It is full of great wisdom and content. "

John Manager

"I have been always ready to learn although, I never enjoyed being taught."

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