Dr. Gerard L. Danford

Bootcamp Leader


Ratapihantie 13, FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland




This Business Bootcamp covers 18 essential management concepts which every manager must understand in order to increase their chances of success.

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What You Will Learn!

  • How to improve your probability of career success (Success Formula, Accelerators & Complexity)?
  • How to be a better manager (5 Essential Tasks, Innovative Mind-set & Decision Making)?
  • How to increase the value of a business (Behavioral Economics, Drivers of Value & PBF)?
  • How to win in the new digital economy (Marketing Budget Allocation, ROI & Digitalization)?
  • How to master essential business processes (Lean, Triple Bottom Line, & Internationalization)?
  • How to build a business for the future (Agile Strategy, 6 Career Weapons & Start-ups)?

Case Studies: Apple, Amazon, Google, Lego, and more…

The Learning Process

The Bootcamp is structured around six themes which are divided into 18 subject areas. Each subject area takes approx. 45 minutes to complete. The subjects covered have been selected based on the goals of MBA candidates, and the Bootcamp Instructor’s 20/20 years of work experience (consulting and teaching on MBA Programs). As one goes deeper into the Bootcamp, the detail and intellectual demands of the content covered increase considerably. Bootcamp provides the best learning ROI, and value-for-time.

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Note: Content listed is subject to revision and may vary slightly.