Posted on : March 8, 2017
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Category : Human Resources
Rainer Neubauer discusses leading through digital disruption. Many leaders today find it challenging to cope with the increasing pace and unpredictability of change. For a large number of companies, the root cause of this change is disruption fueled by digitization of products, processes, and business models. Agile Leaders, those leaders who rated highly on the competencies and behaviors mentioned on the right, tended to significantly out-perform other leaders on measures such as work engagement and leadership effectiveness. Four characteristics distinguish agile from non-agile leaders. Agile Leaders are:
  1. Humble: They are able to accept feedback and acknowledge that others know more than they do.
  2. Adaptable: They accept that change is constant and that changing their minds based on new information is a strength rather than a weakness.
  3. Visionary: They have a clear sense of long-term direction, even in the face of short-term uncertainty.
  4. Engaged: They have a willingness to listen, interact, and communicate with internal and external stakeholders combined with a strong sense of interest and curiosity in emerging trends.
In addition, Agile Leaders exhibited three key behaviors helping them to successfully navigate disruptive environments. These three behaviors are:
  1. Hyper-awareness: They are constantly scanning internal and external environments for opportunities and threats.
  2. Informed decision-making: They make use of data and information to make evidence-based decisions.
  3. Fast execution: They are able to move quickly, often valuing speed over perfection