Posted on : February 16, 2017
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Category : Innovation
Columbia Business School Professor Gita Johar and Visiting Professor Jacob Goldenberg, discuss the power of creativity in the work-space and how you create a culture in which creativity thrives. Topics include:
  • The role of an “Innovation Architect,” responsible for structuring innovation into organizations, including how to design and then manage innovation processes
  • Tools and principles for innovative thinking, to help people look at everyday issues with fresh eyes, delivering inventive solutions
  • How to inspire colleagues and team members to be more innovative through assisting them in a practical way
  • Best (and worst) practices in innovation through networking with business leaders from around the world who deal with the complex challenge of navigating their organizational innovation culture
  • What is needed to ensure that innovation will be self-sustaining in your organization and will not be marginalized to “flavor of the month” status