Posted on : May 20, 2017
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The retail world is going through unprecedented disruption from a consumer journey and a technology infrastructure perspective. The Middle East is still predominantly a bricks and mortar region (less than 2% is done online) but we have been seeing a huge shift towards ecommerce. It is a rapidly accelerating part of our commercial and consumer future. In a region where e-commerce has unparalleled opportunity for growth at a time of significant economic pressure, find out the key challenges that brands face in their attempt to build an effective e-commerce strategy and learn from the industry leaders how to drive growth & improve efficiencies through commerce with solutions ranging from market readiness, AI, down to business model and implementation.
  1. Steve Parker, Chief Executive Officer, Publicis Media Middle East
  2. Christian Andersen, Director, Portfolio Marketing, Middle East & Africa, IBM
  3. Warrick Godfrey, Marketing Director,
  4. Nick McElwee, CMO, YAS Marina Circuit