Posted on : September 10, 2017
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Google took over the whole world. Or almost. China understood very well that the new geopolitical arena is information. That’s why the Chinese government has blocked Facebook, YouTube and Twitter. In 2010, Google refused to comply with the censorship laws in China and moved its search engine servers to Hong Kong. Resulting in a Google China standoff.
  1. This confrontation shows us that cyberspace is not a free space; instead, national cyber borders are being raised higher and higher in addition to an increase in the trade wars which are being fought, and the “kill switches” that have now come into existence. Meanwhile, unfiltered information is becoming a precious good for netizens.
  2. Google refused last year to continue working on Chinese censorship laws and pulled its search engines back to free Hong Kong. The conflict shows that cyberspace is not a big free space; but the national cyberbars are getting increasingly higher, trade wars are fought and even “kill switches” arise. Unfiltered information is becoming an increasingly expensive item for the Internet users.