Posted on : January 27, 2017
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Category : Human Resources
Simon Sinek cites four reasons why he believes millennials are unhappy at work:
  • Parenting: Too many millennials grew up through failed parenting strategies: “They were told that they were special all the time, they were told that they can have anything they want in life”.
  • Technology: “Engagement with social media and our cell phones releases a chemical called dopamine, that’s why when you get a text it feels good right, so you know we’ve all had a weird feeling a little bit down and feeling a bit lonely and so you send out 10 texts to 10 friends and hi, hi, hi, hi, because it feels good when you get a response.”
  • Impatience: Simon refers to the challenge of ‘instant gratification’ and suggests that millennials can have whatever they want whenever they want it.
  • Environment: “We’re taking this amazing group of young fantastic kids who would have just been dealt a bad hand it’s no fault of their own and we put them in corporate environments that care more about the numbers and they do about the kids. They care more about the short-term gains than the long term life of this young human being we care more about the year than the lifetime right and so we are putting them in corporate environments that aren’t helping them build their confidence that aren’t helping them learn the skills of cooperation.”