Posted on : June 2, 2018
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Chris O’Neill is CEO of Evernote, where he’s tackling the challenge of turning a beloved globally recognized brand into a productivity powerhouse beyond its already sizeable 200 million member base. The problem with work is that….there’s so much shallow work, like Twitter feeds and Slack messages. Work has changed fundamentally in a couple different ways, in many ways for the better, but in many ways for the worse. On the better side, we collaborate across borders within companies, and teams are the primary unit of actually getting things done. I primarily believe the company you build is the team you build. However, the bad side is, knowledge workers are spending 80 percent-plus of our time in meetings, responding to email, creating email, communicating to death. Research shows that typically a third to 40 percent of meaningful collaboration happens with 5 percent or less of people. So you have your stars being drowned out by asking for opinions. There’s this idea that real work usually happens at night, usually after all of your other responsibilities. That just really stinks. source: