Dr. Gerard L. Danford

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Ratapihantie 13, FI-00520 Helsinki, Finland


Business, Management


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Intensive Learning for Corporate Clients: 100% Online

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The Business Bootcamp Mini-MBA is designed to deliver an in-depth review of the 18 most essential concepts which every manager must understand in order to succeed. 

Bootcamp participants engage with complex business problems, and real-world scenarios (interactive cases etc.), under the supervision of a leading business teacher.

6 Themes & 18 Drills 

Theme 1:  The Career Success Formula, Organizational Change Accelerators & Complexity Management.

Theme 2:  Five Tasks of Manager, Innovative Mind-set & Decision Making.

Theme 3:  Behavioral Economics, Drivers of Business Value & PBF.

Theme 4:  Marketing Budget Allocation, Digital ROI & Digitalization.

Theme 5:  Lean Processes, Triple Bottom Line & Internationalization.

Theme 6:  Agile Strategy, Six Career Weapons & Start-ups.


Cases: Apple, Amazon, Google, Lego, Uber…

Schedule & Timing

The Bootcamp Mini-MBA is 100% online. Participants may complete the Bootcamp in a group (cohort), or they can study independently. Cohort groups are implemented during normal academic semesters, or customized for corporate clients. For participants studying independently, Bootcamp starting times are open however, completion dates are fixed (six months after registering).

The total study time required to successfully complete the Bootcamp will be dependent upon the level of participant engagement, previous business experience, and personal circumstances (6 weeks is normal length of company-based programs). The estimated studying time required to complete the Business Bootcamp is from 60-80 hours depending on participant competences and skills. 

Training Manual

All Premium Bootcamp participants receive a printed copy of ‘The Mini-MBA Training Manual’. This 250 page manual contains summaries of content covered, links to exercises, images and reference materials.

Graduation Certificates

Upon successful completion of the Bootcamp participants are awarded a Certificate. In order to qualify for the Bootcamp certificate, a pass grade on all assignments (and min- quizzes) is required. There are six written assignments in the Bootcamp, and 18 Mini-quizzes.

Bootcamp Fees

Contact the Bootcamp Leader for more information on fees and timing.