Dr. Gerard L. Danford

Bootcamp Leader




Business, Management


Change Management 2.0

The business environment is experiencing rapid change, and organizations must learn to become comfortable with that change. The ability to manage and adapt is an essential skill in today’s workplace. This organizational resistance prevents necessary change from occurring, even when the business environment is transforming! The critical issue is gaining the ‘buy-in’ of employees. 


  1. What is organizational change?
  2. Why is it necessary?
  3. Change management models?


⇒  Defining stakeholder aims, and creating a business case for their achievement.

⇒  Monitoring assumptions, risks, dependencies, costs, return on investment, and cultural issues.

⇒  Creating effective communication (why?), benefits (what is in it for us?), and details (when? where? who is involved? how much will it cost? etc.).

⇒  Devising an effective education, training and/or skills scheme.

⇒  Countering resistance from employees, and aligning employees to strategic direction.

⇒  Providing employees counseling to alleviate any change-related fears.

⇒  Implementation and fine-tuning of change program. 


  1. Online videos
  2. Readings
  3. Exercises
  4. Assessments
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