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Building The ‘Dream Team’

Take your time… hire only the finest!

Stanford Graduate School of Business professor Lindred Greer, has been teaching the art of team-building for 12 years. In Greer’s course The Psychology of Startup Teams‘, she has found that startup leaders who are able to identify and manage patterns of emotions in a collective, are better able to make their ambitious strategies a reality.

Lessons Learned

  1. The startup team is the most intense relationships you’re going to have in your life. It’s similar to marriage.
  2. In startups, startup, it’s like a life-or-death situation (power and fairness are bigger, as your entire life is vested in the business).
  3. Cultural fit is essential (statement of values, and aligned vision).
  4. Be as intentional about your people as you are about your product.
  5. What are your competencies (your great at), and skill sets you need to have in other people (including common values)?
  6. Too many optimists can be bad for startup performance. Having a contrarian can be a great thing!
  7. Hire slow, fire fast!
  8. You want to spend months with someone before you formally commit to a partnership (have a fight, get stressful and ugly… it will reveal reality of relationships).
  9. Put much more effort into communicating your mission (What’s our reason for existence), and your vision (where are we going, and how are we going to do it?)!
  10. The single biggest problem we see in startups is the lack of alignment around the mission and vision!
  11. Second-time entrepreneurs are better (than first-timers) in building teams and creating startups that succeed. 
Source: S. Hawk, Insights by Stanford

Co-founders (4:00)

Prof. Wasserman (Harvard)

Whether to go solo or find a co-founder and with whom?

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Relationships (5:00)

Prof. Wasserman (Harvard)

What makes a great team? This requires careful consideration of the promise, and pitfalls of co-founder relationships.

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CEO Role (5:00)

Matt Blumberg

A thoughtful processes helps shape operations, talent development, financing and work-life balance.

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Course Curator: Dr. Gerard L. Danford

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