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Pinterest is a social pinning site which investors have valued at $10 billion. Analysis estimate that on the basis of average revenue per user, it’s only a matter of time before Pinterest surpasses even Facebook and Twitter.

‘When hiring you will never know 100% everything about a person until you work with them for some time. Therefore, the flip side is if the person you hired is not a good fit, you owe it to them, and to the company, to tell them where to improve’.

If they aren’t working out, then you owe it to everyone to fire them.

Later in the startup journey, when you are hiring the head of finance, or someone like that, and you know nothing about finance, it’s good to make it a habit of talking to other people you know, and who are de facto world-class in those functions. Just by asking advisers; what are the traits to look for in a finance position etc. you will learn a great deal.

What are the questions you ask people when hiring? How do find the people you wish to hire?

By asking questions of others (world-class experts, your network etc.), you can rapidly move up the learning curve, in terms of hiring the right people.

Once you have people in the interview process, you can build that process over time in order to screen for quality. Pinterest, have an evolving set of questions that are rotating through, and they are always asking if these questions are good indicators or bad indicators of quality people. The questions must also give you a sense of, ‘is this the right place for this person to come and work’? This is related to being very transparent regarding what’s going to be easy or hard.

Really great people want to do things that are going to be hard. They want to solve tough problems.

Hiring and Firing (5:00)

Ben Silbermann & John Collison

The best startups are well known for their strong cultures. 

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Recruiting (3:30)

Matt Blumberg

Thoughtful processes help shape operations, talent development, financing, and work-life balance.

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Choosing Board Members (5:00)

Brad Feld

Be as thoughtful about choosing your board members, as you are about choosing your co-founders. 

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Course Curator: Dr. Gerard L. Danford

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