The ancient Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, ‘there is nothing permanent except change’. In today’s uncertain and rapidly changing environment, change is constant. However, some 70% of all organizational change efforts fail! Therefore, we must all remember that the need for change, make a manager’s job even more complex.

We can learn a great deal from the research on change. Prof. John Kotter (Harvard Business School) has spent the past forty years observing and researching change efforts in thousands of different organizational settings. In that research he has studied; the purposes of change, the needs for change, and what we can do to accelerate change. Videos on the next page will go into depth on these findings.

Change Skills Test?

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Change Is Hard

‘We’re wired to be wary of change (experience potential threats to status, certainty, and autonomy)’

Most organizational change efforts still under-perform, fail, or make things worse (Walter McFarland). For organizational change to succeed, leaders must understand; motivation, context, receptivity, sequencing, and pace. They must also learn to pull the right levers at the right moment in a dynamic situation. Communicating effectively is also essential.

‘Things rarely go according to plan, in no small part because humans are more at ease with the status quo’


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