Posted on : August 27, 2016
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MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson. It’s man and machine, not man v.s. machine. When working with machines, one of the most important skills is “being able to work with large amounts of data in the virtual environment,”.
  • Data scientist-like roles aren’t going anywhere, while in stark contrast, positions like the standard payroll clerk are rapidly disappearing. In a rapidly changing economic and technological landscape, Brynjolfsson acknowledges that sometimes, there’s no substation for face to face conversation.
  • The distributed workforce is a compelling phenomenon, and doesn’t believe it will mean that “cities will depopulate” and people won’t be driven away from personal interaction. There’s compelling evidence that being close to colleagues is a major factor in people’s housing decisions.
  • Even when collaborating on their book, McAfee and Brynjolfsson found it most productive to write the “old school” way, meaning “in the same room, with a white board.” source: