Posted on : September 30, 2017
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Prof. John Kotter (Harvard), talks about how much faster the world is changing today. It is clear that the speed is increasing and that change is happening much faster than many organizations can respond.  Kotter explains how the left, hierarchical side and a new right, networked side of large organizations can work together to nurture and accelerate important changes. He describes the five principles and eight accelerators which are present in this dual operating system. “Management-driven hierarchies are the way we run organizations. They deliver reliability and efficiency and reduce risk” But, “There is no way to get revolutionary innovation if the system is focused on reducing risk.” The traditional system has to be well managed with clear jobs and, yes, silos to focus efforts. Conversely, “Revolutionary innovation comes about when information from a variety of places that don’t normally collide do collide and a light bulb goes off.” 
  1. Many people driving important change, and from everywhere, not just the usual few appointees.
  2. A “get-to” mindset, not a “have-to” one.
  3. Action that is head and heart driven, not just head driven.
  4. Much more leadership, not just more management.
  5. An inseparable partnership between the hierarchy and the network, not just an enhanced hierarchy.
  1. Create a sense of urgency around a Big Opportunity
  2. Build and evolve a guiding coalition.
  3. Form a change vision and strategic initiatives.
  4. Enlist a volunteer army.
  5. Enable action by removing barriers.
  6. Generate (and celebrate) short-term wins.
  7. Sustain acceleration.
  8. Institute change.
source: forbes