Posted on : March 11, 2017
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Category : Marketing
New research from Wharton senior fellow Shawndra Hill looks at how “second screening” impacts consumer response to TV ads. Large brand advertisers will usually ask another company to survey consumers and ask them questions like, “Did you see the ad? Would you like to recommend the product that was advertised to your friends? How did you feel about the ad?” So, questions about their attitudes. They might also look at sales data and correlate that with the amount of spend that they’ve made.
  1. However, more granular data reveals itself in the searches people post on search engines. TV ad data at the aggregate level, can tell precisely which television show, what time and which locations an ad was shown. When you combine that with search data around that TV ad, before and after, you can see whether there was an impact on the search behavior. With this information you have the ability to coordinate advertising efforts, not just on television but also on digital platforms like sponsored searches by combining data from TV ads and then linking that to the search data. Not just the searches, but also conditioned on somebody making a search.