Posted on : January 4, 2019
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Category : Marketing
START VIDEO AT 2:18…………….Dr Neal Richter, uncovers how you can reach new unexpected consumers whose profiles indicate they are highly probable to convert and turn into repeat customers for your brand. He explains how you can build these user profiles based on audiences’ digital interactions instead of through the adoption of outdated assumptions such as demographic segmentation. It’s no secret that for a brand to continue its growth, finding new and valuable customers is crucial. In digital environments that are as highly-competitive and varied as the UK’s, standing out from the crowd to attract these new brand advocates can be difficult. Key to doing so successfully is delivering relevant ad experiences that resonate with shoppers who sit outside your brand’s norm. Dr Richter illustrates the programmatic method for finding customers who are the perfect fit for your brand by including PacSun’s recent success as part of his presentation.