Posted on : August 30, 2016
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Executive coach and professional speaker Gina Barnett stopped by Google NYC to discuss her new book, “Play the Part: Master Body Signals to Connect and Communicate for Business Success” Every body tells a story.
  • From the moment an actor steps on stage, an audience collectively feels whether his or her performance is authentic, forced, or over the top. Business professionals are also performers—and the workplace is their stage.
  • In Play the Part, executive communication consultant Gina Barnett brings the same techniques actors use to bear on all types of presentation and communication situations, from the board room to the conference stage. She reveals how the body affects our communication and thought patterns and how to align these consistently for maximum success.
  • Featuring practical exercises, she shows you how to develop presence and become more intuitive, so you can navigate challenging communication situations with optimal results. You worked hard to earn your title. Now it’s time to play the part.
  • “When learning use the present moment to FOCUS on comprehension bringing the information into the flesh” ― Matthew Donnelly