Posted on : November 23, 2017
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Qi Lu is the COO of Baidu. Chinese companies have learned to manage differently over the past 30 years because they’ve had to cope with a turbulent environment. What’s commonly perceived to be the highly controlled march of state capitalism is in reality an enormous and quickly evolving ecosystem, in which companies must scramble to keep pace with runaway growth and dramatic slowdowns, massive urbanization and huge rural markets, fierce competition and endemic corruption. China’s business leaders also manage people very differently. They’re culturally predisposed to see the members of their organizations as family but, in return, demand a lot from them. Business leaders in China also share two distinct perspectives. One is the view that they have to create their own ecosystems. The second view the Chinese founders share is that they have to be as adept at managing the state as they are at managing operations.
Source:  Thomas Hout and David Michael