Posted on : December 13, 2017
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Category : Marketing
Rene Birk Jensen (Implement Consulting Group), discusses how to design and communicate insights to your customers, which will create customer value and differentiate you from the competition? Mosr of us know that customer retention is important, but that not many companies are working very structured with this discipline. Perhaps this is the reason why so many of us would react and work on improving the dialogue with our non-satisfied customers while only very few companies have realized, that they also have to care a lot about the customers that do not respond when we ask them for feed-back !! The concept of Challenger Sales has been adopted by many organisations, but merely by teaching the sales force about the sales approach. In far too many organisations, there is a misalignment between Sales and Marketing, and still many companies are faced with the challenge of not having proper insights that can ignite changed customer conversation.