Posted on : January 11, 2019
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Category : Innovation
Want to learn how to think and create from a different perspective? Are you curious about the art and science of innovations that leave a lasting impact? Professor David Edwards answers these questions and talks about Creating Things That Matter. David Edwards is a renowned innovator and writer, professor of the practice of Idea Translation at Harvard University, and founder of ArtScience, the culture lab and cafe in Cambridge Massachusetts. Every year, professor David Edwards teaches a wildly popular class entitled “How to Create Things & Have Them Matter” to his nervous students. They are taught to generate, develop and realize breakthrough ideas for social and cultural change. Drawing on his experience in applied mathematics and as a radical innovator in the medical technology field – including inventing inhalable insulin – Professor Edwards hopes to scare his students away from typical ways of thinking about inventing new products and services. Creating Things That Matter is David Edwards’ manifesto.