Posted on : November 26, 2018
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Category : Innovation
Need to kick-start your creativity?
  1. The best way to become more creative? Exercise your creativity like you would your body.
  2. Set realistic expectations. Nobody is going to become the best immediately and write an amazing novel, or what have you, in a week.
  3. Curiosity is the fuel that drives creativity. Pick a big goal and find out every small aspect about it to break it down.
curiosity is a highly undervalued phenomenon because you can’t really always explain it. There are some base things that we’re curious about. We’re curious about eating. We’re curious around other people. But sometimes we’re curious about things that we just can’t explain to ourselves. And that’s something that we shouldn’t underestimate because that is a force that draws us into the world unlike any other.
You can’t fake curiosity. If you’re curious about something you’re curious about it and that’s it and it doesn’t require any more explanation. If you’re curious about a subject matter or a project or a problem in the world or something like that it’s everyone’s responsibility to figure out how we can cultivate that curiosity.