Posted on : June 15, 2018
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Category : Marketing
How travel customers engage is changing. And that influences how they behave. Customers’ experience starts way before they hit the pool. Their journey to decide and buy is where you win and where you lose. Only 1/11 UK customers find their booking process ‘quick’. 46% customers now choose ‘un-bundled’ holidays, versus 36% who choose packages. 1/3 og holidays booked in the UK are a group decision. So, how can you win more customers, before they’ve even set off? You need to understand your customer’s universe. It’s bigger than just you and them. You need to help them compare and evaluate so they stay with you as they make their choices. Forget the challenges in your world and dive into the future of travel. You need a deeper understanding of their world, what inspires them and who influences them.Review and comparison sites are the most influential sources when booking a holiday. You need to ask yourself some tough questions. So you know why people choose you and why they don’t. You need to know how to better inspire and engage and what matters in your customer’s world – not yours.