Posted on : November 16, 2017
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Category : Faculty Lounge
RMIT University is building Digital Business and driving cultural transformation. Paul Oppenheimer (CIO RMIT), and Tim Beevor (Technology Strategist, RMIT) discuss:
  1. Ensuring alignment of organisational expectations and the associated spend around digital in the university context.
  2. The importance of people, partners and innovation in execution of your digital strategy.
  3. Common challenge Universities face to deliver rich digital experiences, and tips on how to overcome them.
  4. The cultural challenges in breaking down traditional organizational structures and silos in considering the holistic customer experience.
  5. How RMIT went about building its Digital Business BluePrint and challenged the Executive to support the journey.
  6. How RMIT is building at scale on the Salesforce platform ? and the approach to bi-model delivery.
  7. How RMIT is planning to bring the business along on a journey where they become the advocates and true partners of change rather than IT.
  8. How RMIT is working with its digital partner around innovation and the introduction of new capabilities into the platform at pace and leveraging rapid release cycles that deliver visible evidence of value to be celebrated.