Posted on : December 22, 2017
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Category : Startup
Bill Aulet (MIT), presents his 24-step guide to product-market fit based on a process that Aulet has been refining for years while teaching. The 24 steps address six key themes: Who is your customer? What can you do for them? How do they acquire your product? How do you make money off your product? How do you design and build your product? And how do you scale? Entrepreneurship is chaotic and unpredictable, and hopefully this will bring some method to the madness. Bill debunks some of the myths surrounding entrepreneurship; entrepreneurship can be taught (building a product is key to entrepreneurship, and that process is learnable). Other myths that entrepreneurs should reject include the role of the individual (in fact, multiple co-founders are more successful than solo-preneurs) and the role of charisma (communication, recruiting, and sales skills are much more important).