Posted on : September 7, 2016
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Learning Outcome from this video: Benchmark with the travel segment as it has done a more aggressive job of removing friction between customers, content and transactional experiences. Rick Barbari (SVP) Digital River Payments says this sector has been providing online experiences in multiple languages and pushing that localised content to customers’ devices of choice, along with using mobile web more.

To-Do List

  1. Speak the language: Support a minimum of six different languages on site (dependent on reach).
  2. Local prices: Present price in local currency, and offering 11+ currency options relevent to a buyer’s location.
  3. Accept global cards: The “big five” global payment brands and methods should be in offering.
  4. Live help: Easy access to help when needed (intuitive, easy-to-access).
  5. Speedy checkout: Aim for completion in less than 90 seconds (reduce number of pages viewed-5 maximum).
  • “There are times when one shall forgive oneself. Therein lies the best possibilities of learning & improving” ― Deepak Chandra