Posted on : October 25, 2017
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Category : Technology
Edge computing is a hot topic, but despite all the hype, there are still some major hurdles to overcome before it reaches its full potential. Tyler McMullen (Fastly) outlines the technical and economic challenges and explains how we can get past them. Edge computing is on the rise because of changes in the way that we use the internet every day; or, rather, because of the internet-connected devices that we use to order food, monitor our homes, and change the color of the light bulbs. Edge computing is on the rise because it is necessary in order to run the real-time services we’ve come to expect across the internet. What makes IoT different is that now those devices need to communicate across the internet. The original form of “smart devices” was a more isolated experience. This meant that the user experience with those devices was reliant on the hardware and software. Edge computing—moving computation to the edges of the network and toward the users—is both a natural progression and ideal solution to the challenges the internet will face in the coming decades.