Posted on : January 9, 2019
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Category : Economics
Rebecca Nadel, External Relations Manager, Shell New Energies presents a perspective on Shell’s vision of the energy future, including Shell’s “Sky” energy scenario and an overview of its Shell New Energies business.
A new energy system is emerging. The Paris Agreement has sent a signal around the world: climate change is a serious issue that governments are determined to address. By 2070 there is the potential for a very different energy system to emerge.
Sky shows a transformation to a lower-carbon energy system, with the world achieving the temperature goal of the Paris Agreement. Consumers, companies and governments will face tough choices and the paths towards lower-carbon energy will vary by country and sector. Over the course of 50 years, it transforms the way society uses and produces energy.
But while encouraging news, success towards the Paris Agreement aim is not guaranteed. The Sky scenario relies on a complex combination of mutually reinforcing actions by society, markets and governments. It recognises that the necessary changes will unfold at different paces in different places, and must ultimately transform all sectors of economic activity. The changes are economy-wide, sector-specific, and amount to re-wiring the global economy in just 50 years.