Posted on : March 7, 2018
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Adam Braun is Co-Founder of MissionU, a debt-free college alternative for the 21st century. There’s over $1.43 trillion in outstanding student loan debt, which has prevented a whole generation from starting companies, being financially independent and has caused all sorts of health problems. Adam previously founded Pencils of Promise, which has built 400+ schools around the world. Adam visits Google to discusse the future of education. Higher education seems to be quite the topic these days. With the rising costs of education and the debate as to whether or not students are learning applicable skills, it seems inevitable that we’ll see a shift away from traditional higher education to something more practical and affordable. MissionU requires students to pay once they are earning $50,000 or more, during which they pay 15% of their income for three years back to MissionU, with no interest rates on top whatsoever.
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