Posted on : May 9, 2018
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Want to motivate your team? Learn to give useful feedback. Leadership expert Michelle Tillis Lederman explains her four-step method that can make feedback conversations go smoothly and funnel toward growth.
The model has four parts: ask, elaborate, empower, collaborate. ‘Ask’ is going to leverage that law of curiosity. Start with a question and make sure that question is open-ended. It’s not, you know: ‘Do you think that went well?’ Which is implying that you don’t think that went well. Instead, you ask: ‘How do you think it went? What do you think went well? What do you think could have gone better?’ And get them talking. That’s the key to opening up a feedback conversation, it’s to get the information from them. It actually makes it easier on you as a manager because you see where they’re at, what they already know. They’re bringing information in the room and you can determine, ‘Oh, we’re about on the same page,’ or ‘We have completely different views of the situation.’ And that will help kind of tweak the information that you need to bring into the room.