Posted on : October 18, 2017
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Category : Startup
“Hacking Failure: The Psychology of Basic Human Fears.” Patrycja Slawuta is the co-founder of SelfHackathon. A platform that bridges science, personal development and technology. In this talk Patrycja encourages us to embrace our fears & hack failure. The startup environment is filled with; non-stop hustle, the need to “crush it,” the 24/7 grind, the fake-it-til-you-make-it mantra: for entrepreneurs, the demand to squeeze more out of a day is exhausting. However, extraordinary pressure leaves ordinary people badly exposed. Recent research has found that, among entrepreneurs, “49% of participants reported having one or more lifetime mental health conditions.” It’s a figure that should give anyone who works in a startup pause for thought . If we think of patterns in human behavior like a code, then some code was pre-programmed into us (such as psychological biases), some was programmed into us by others (culture, religion, family, early experiences) whereas other code we are consciously writing ourselves (acquiring skills, having new experiences). In order to hack failure, there are several questions to ask oneself: 1) do you know your own code? 2) Who has programmed you? 3) How many times have you upgraded your code? 4) How can you change the old outdated code? Shame and guilt from this perspective are functions of one of the oldest code human beings have — the emotional OS. It’s an extremely powerful and compelling code.