Posted on : January 19, 2019
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Category : Sustainability
Sustainable business practices have until recently centered around marketing and empty promises. Today, more and more businesses have realized that sustainability is not just a buzzword but an important driver of profitability. The concept of conscious business is becoming increasingly popular as customers become more informed, demanding accountability from the businesses they engage with. This panel will discuss how various companies have incorporated principles of ESG (environment, social and governance), offering insight into how sustainability as core tenet of their operations is not only better ethics, but better business. Speakers:
  1. Ryan Brennan: Vice President, Office of Investment Policy, Overseas Private Investment Corporation
  2. Curt Custard: Chief Investment Officer, Newton Investment Management
  3. Hiromichi Mizuno: Executive Managing Director and Chief Investment Officer, Government Pension Investment Fund, Japan
  4. John Murphy: President, Asia Pacific Group, The Coca-Cola Company
  5. Hugh O’Reilly: President and CEO, OPTrust
  6. Mark Watson: Head of Sustainable Development, John Swire & Sons (HK) Ltd.