Posted on : August 28, 2016
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Category : Economics
Professor H. Kunreuther  Wharton Business School saya that unless you can develop some short-term incentives to get people to think about a long-term issue like climate change, it’s going to be very hard for them to take measures todaysays if we were rational, we would make choices based on our long-term goals, not our short-term desires. Spoiler alert: We’re not, and we don’t — which can present real dangers to us as individuals and as a society. So how do we link short-term decision making with long-term strategies? In particular, we are concerned with respect [to the idea] that individuals do not adopt measures prior to a disaster, or focus on climate change before it actually may have a serious effect — and how we can develop measures for actually getting them to do this, by literally highlighting not only the long-term aspects of decision-making, but also the fact that they can benefit in the short term by doing so. source: