Posted on : December 21, 2017
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A recent survey showed a majority of Americans believe the American Dream is becoming increasingly out of reach, but that going to college is still the surest way to achieve upward mobility. As a result, higher education’s promise demands, perhaps now more than ever — that they eliminate the graduation gap. Recognizing there is power in numbers, 11 of the largest public research universities, collectively known as the University Innovation Alliance, have come partnered together to accelerate the pace of innovation. They’ve recognized that one particular technology or best practice won’t suffice, but improving the way that technologies and new solutions are shared and scaled across campuses has the potential to fundamentally change the way we serve students.
In order for universities to meet their goals, communication and knowledge sharing must travel beyond the IT department. Philanthropy has taken notice and is investing in other collaborative work inspired by the UIA. In this session hear from the UIA about lessons learned from their work to develop, test, and scale new innovations that are helping the universities dramatically increase the number of low-income students that are graduating from college. You’ll also learn why this kind of work resonates with the philanthropic community, and what they’d like to see more.