Posted on : June 9, 2018
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Category : Marketing
Advances in digital technology have fundamentally transformed how businesses understand consumer behavior. But these advances also present new challenges, changing the way insights professionals communicate and action their learnings within an organization. In his talk, PepsiCo’s Chief Insights and Analytics Officer Stephan Gans addresses the major opportunities for the Insights function at PepsiCo that can be unlocked through digitalizing of the tools, processes, organization and ways of working across the global function. Driven by pathbreaking technological developments, leading brands are increasingly personalizing the customer experience to stay relevant and keep their customers loyal. Consumers always need a seat at the table. The biggest difference between product and consumer is that consumers have a memory. For decades, marketers have relied on insights from psychological research to tackle customer-related business challenges. In many cases, it makes more sense to throw out the need to understand consumer psychology and move directly to creating models to predict behavior.
PepsiCo is revolutionizing the future of its insights functionality with an end-to-end “digitalization” of its insights tools, processes, and organization. Gans explains how an investment in a new insights technology platform allows the global function to act faster, smarter, and more efficiently. The move toward a digital global end-to-end insights platform will enable insights solutions across innovation, brand, and packaging and allow the company to make critical changes in effectiveness and efficiency across the brand.