Posted on : March 5, 2017
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Mike Mangione is the Director of Consumer Marketing at Bose Corporation. He leads the teams responsible for global media, alliances and digital marketing focused on driving consumer awareness, conversion and retention. Tactics from the Bose playbook:
  1. Most products have some kind of subtle innovation or twist inside, something that might not initially seem to matter but can, nonetheless, create an interesting story. What untold story lurks beneath your product?
  2. They package their products to make it hard to comparison shop. Consider the Wave Radio again – not quite a boombox, not quite a clock radio; and far more profitable than either
  3. They use celebrity endorsements: Paul Harvey extols their virtues on his popular radio program
  4. Bose creates a story for every product they sell. Simplified illustrations of their speakers show sound wave diagrams that make you feel smart
  5. Their ads are keyed with special codes so they know which ones are producing results
  6. They recycle old ideas. Their Acoustimass products, which can be credited with popularizing subwoofers in the 80’s, are patterned after some obscure designs that were popular in the UK in the 60’s. “If you need a new idea, read an old book.”