Posted on : May 15, 2017
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Rick Levin is the Chief Executive Officer of Coursera and President Emeritus of Yale University. Levin experiments with online education date back to 2000. He talks about the role of Coursera and MOOCs and how that differs from traditional higher education.  Coursera sits somewhat awkwardly on the border between traditional higher education and the Silicon Valley-forces working to disrupt it. The venture-backed startup based in Mountain View (near all those online giants like Google and Facebook) has partnered with more than 150 colleges and universities around the world (including the old and famous ones like Princeton and Yale). The colleges create course videos and assignments that are offered on the company’s platform for free—and students can pay for a certificate showing completion. Coursera have one deal where courses are being made with limited access to 140,000 people that are in a single company. If you want to really do something innovative and substantially different within a university, it’s really good to create a new entity. source: