Posted on : May 3, 2018
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Justin Reich, executive director of MIT Teaching Systems Lab, shares some cutting-edge research about learning itself that can help inform online course development and the future of learning. Seven general themes from MOOC research that could inform the design of large-scale learning environments in the years ahead.
  1. MOOC students are diverse, but trend towards auto-didacts
  2. MOOC students value flexibility, but benefit when they engage frequently
  3. The best predictor of persistence and completion is intention, though every activity predicts every other activity
  4. MOOC students (tell us they) leave because they get busy with other things, but we may be able to help them stay on track
  5. Students learn more from doing than watching
  6. Lots of student learning activities are happening beyond our observation: including note-taking, socializing, and using other references
  7. Improving student learning outcomes will require measuring learning, experimenting with different approaches, and baking research into courses from the beginning