Posted on : August 26, 2016
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Top New York real estate broker Fredrik Eklund explains the importance of entering every negotiation with a gameplan. Start by establishing both a ceiling and a floor. This will help you know when to strike a deal or walk away. Also, Eklund discusses how time can kill any negotiation yet any savvy negotiator knows how to harness tension and anticipation to his or her advantage. Before getting into negotiations it’s very important to set a floor and a ceiling so you know where to move, right. Because if you don’t you can be manipulated and you can lose yourself in the emotions. Because if you’re a good negotiator you will obviously try at least to be completely disconnected emotionally from the deal and negotiation itself. Although you will play emotional. So if you’re not upset you can play upset. But none of that matters unless you don’t have a floor and a ceiling. So you need to know if you go under the floor you need to walk out, you know, end the negotiation. And at the ceiling you need to know to accept so you can close the deal.