Posted on : August 27, 2016
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Ardy Daie, Talent Operating Partner, Khosla Ventures says that CEO’s and founders need to be involved in the recruitment process. At the moment there is a severe shortage of good engineering talent and candidates are becoming more sophisticated in choosing employers.
  • As a result, candidate engagement is saturated (recruiters calling people, LinkedIn). Therefore, recruiting should focus on a company’s vision and mission. Job descriptions should uniquely represent your company. Great engineers want difficult challenges in great companies. Every employee is a recruiter.
  • Follow the 2 P’s of engagement strategy (Personalization and Persistence). Employee engagement is essential (increases referrals, signals vision, increases ROI of talent, strengthens branding…).
How to engage employees (build networks, and make recruiting part of culture)?
  • Branding: Communication expresses who you are as a company
  • Going to talent: Hang out where talent hangs out
  • Cast a wide net: Go outside your local network
  • Culture-matching: Find the candidates who match your requirements and fit your culture, your team
  • Teams: When you’re building a team, think in terms of balancing not only technical skills and talents, but also personal characteristics
  • Retaining talent: Employee retention is an essential ingredient