Posted on : January 21, 2019
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Kim Polese is Chairman of CrowdSmart, Inc., a data-driven investment platform that uses collective intelligence and predictive analytics to radically improve success rates for startups and investors. Kim has been a Silicon Valley innovator from her early days at Stanford spinout IntelliCorp, the first AI company to go public. At Sun Microsystems, Kim led the launch of Java in 1995.
CrowdSmart, Inc. is a San Francisco company that has created an intelligent data-driven platform for seed stage startup investing. The platform scores and predicts startup success using proprietary collective expert and artificial intelligence. Startups on the platform are sourced from world-leading accelerators, investor groups, and universities. Accredited investors with relevant expertise and knowledge are then selected from our community to conduct due diligence individually and as a team for each startup. The CrowdSmart platform makes an investment recommendation based on the data generated by users on the platform, start-to-finish, in about 30 days. Since its inception in 2015, CrowdSmart’s investment prediction accuracy is 94% based on AI-to-actual correlation. CrowdSmart invests in top-scoring startups and participating investors are offered a fee-free way to build diversified portfolios of top-tier startup investments for as low as $1000 and in a fraction of the time. All startups scored receive market insights that help accelerate traction and funding.