Posted on : November 10, 2018
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Category : Sustainability
The Coca-Cola Company’s Senior Vice President and Chief Communications, Public Affairs, Sustainability, and Marketing Assets Officer Beatriz Perez discusses how to run businesses that will thrive over the next quarter-century, not just the next quarter.
Many businesses today are still contemplating the decision to make investments in either community-based social good initiatives or in business operations. The reality is that one investment — in sustainability and in people and communities — can achieve return on investment for both. In fact, choosing to operate sustainably is becoming less of a choice and more of an imperative if brands are to remain relevant and companies are to grow.
Coca-Cola is on a sustainability journey to grow its business while it makes a positive difference for people, communities and the environment. The journey is rigorous and requires strong partnerships, deep innovation and the commitment across the company to integrate sustainability into the business. It is how this 128-year-old company is connecting with consumers today and how it plans to remain relevant and trusted for the next 128 years.