Posted on : September 30, 2017
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Category : Sustainability
Mark Grier, Vice Chairman, Prudential. At Prudential, sustainability defines how the company anticipates and manages future risks and opportunities to meet its long-term promises. The company focuses on four building blocks for continued vitality, as illustrated in Prudential’s Sustainable Foundation. As a Ceres Network Company, Prudential participates in regular engagements on developments related to sustainability. Ceres is a nonprofit organization advocating for sustainability leadership. The group mobilizes a network of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices. At its core, Prudential is in the business of risk management. The company addresses a wide range of risks material to helping stakeholders and to supporting its own long-term vitality. Based on Prudential’s Sustainable Foundation and materiality analysis, the following aspects were identified as material for the full organization.
  1. Economic Performance
  2. Environmental
  3. Labor Practices
  4. Society
  5. Product Responsibility