Posted on : August 28, 2016
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Kevin Meehan, Bain’s Telecommunications, Media and Technology practice in Asia says technology companies that want to expand their presence in China often face several key challenges, including data security concerns and inadequate infrastructure in some cities. Even so, enterprise growth across China remains strong, and spending on cloud computing could reach $20 billion by 2020. In this short video, Meehan, offers an overview of both the technology market and the opportunities in cloud computing in China.
  • China’s cloud market is unique, but the basics remain essential. Cloud infrastructure and service providers still need to go to market with the right products and prices, through the right channels and often with the right local partners. As always, strategy begins with assessing your competitive position and opportunities, understanding the competition and determining where your business can best compete—which, in this case, includes deciding whether your company is localized enough in terms of its offering, operating model and partnerships.
  • Despite the uncertainties and challenges, global cloud providers cannot afford to ignore China’s large and growing market. Increasingly competitive domestic players are finding their niche, but MNCs still have an opportunity to shape the market. Now is the time to identify target segments and invest in solutions for this customer base, as China’s IT buyers decide how they will take advantage of what the cloud has to offer.
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