Posted on : November 14, 2018
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Category : Human Resources
Dan Shawbel is the author of Back to Human: How Great Leaders Create Connection in the Age of Isolation. A third of the global workforce works remote, yet two-thirds of them are disengaged in their job. I worked remote for over eight years and while I get the freedom and flexibility to work when, where and how I want, there’s a dark side to working remote that does not get talked about in our culture which is isolation which leads to loneliness and unhappiness because you’re not getting the same human contact you would be if you’re in a physical office space.
If you work remote you’re much less likely to want a long term career in your company is what we found. And that’s because you’re not having the human interactions that are required to build strong relationships which lead to not only better business results but more longevity within a company.
  1. Technology’s supposed interconnectivity doesn’t breed human interaction, and has instead made many workers feel less happy and less productive.
  2. Using email rather than walking over to someone’s desk and having face-to-face time is a major culprit.
  3. Inter-office messaging apps can also make employees feel more distant from their co-workers.
  4. Can the tech companies who created this issue turn workplace isolation around, or is this the new normal?