Posted on : October 25, 2017
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Amy Blankson brings the science of happiness to organizations and individuals. The proliferation of smartphones and the Internet also coincides with historically high levels of depression and life dissatisfaction. As the speed of innovation only seems to be increasing, researchers are turning attention to one of the most increasingly vital questions of our time:  will we continue to see declines in physical, emotional, and mental health due to our current use of technology, or can we harness technology by using new strategies to actually raise happiness, well-being and deep connection? “Having good boundaries on your use of technology will make you a better family member and co-worker”
The average smartphone user picks up their phone and unlocks it 150 times a day. A conservative estimate is that each time you check, it takes approximately one minute (two and a half hours of your day).  If you multiply that times the number of hours in the year (38 days each year), imagine what that does to our productivity.
  1. Stay grounded to focus and channel your energy with intention
  2. Know thyself through app-driven data to strive toward your potential
  3. Train your brain to develop and sustain an optimistic mindset
  4. Create a habitat for happiness to maximize the spaces and places in which you live, work, and learn
  5. Be a conscious innovator to actively shape your future
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