Posted on : February 27, 2019
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Category : Career
Gig work is not new, but the rise of high-profile tech platforms such as Lyft, TaskRabbit, Handy,, Airbnb, and of course Uber have put a spotlight on independent work and raised new questions about the organization of work. In what ways is independent work working for people? In what ways can it pose problems? How can we build systems in which gig work is good work? Answers are complicated because gig workers come in all types: full-time drivers, college students delivering food after classes, parents picking up shifts around their kids’ schedules, teachers looking to earn supplemental income, and more. The personal and economic needs of gig workers can be as varied as the platforms they use. This video includes highlights from the Aspen Institute Economic Opportunities Institute Working in America discussion series panel exploring the issues and opportunities facing gig workers, and offer ideas for building supports to make gig work good work.