Posted on : August 29, 2016
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Being a leader is like dancing on Jello. A leader is constantly in the position to course correct while simultaneously maintaining the big picture. In today’s business environment, you have to become a master of changing environments. You need to correct what doesn’t work, make improvements, and create new services and products that are of great value to the organization. Organizational experts know:
  • Change is constant. Just expect it, and be as ready as you can to deal with it.
  • No one acts alone. Cultivating goodwill allows for collaboration and open communication, which is crucial.
  • Leading is frequently dissatisfying due its uncertainty. This is why leaders must learn how to evolve.
  • Intentions guide our actions. The best thing a leader can do is to frequently ask himself or herself, “What is my intention here right now?”
  • Mindful awareness assists in clarifying intention. When we’re mindfully aware, we develop a familiarity with our reactions and become clearer about how to align our actions with our intentions.
Try this trick when you’re overwhelmed. Observe your breathing. Listen to your inner conversation. Determine what your intention is as you come back to the present and your work life. Elad Levinson Praxis Thriving on Change: The Evolving Leader’s Toolkit.
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