Posted on : October 29, 2018
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Category : Human Resources
START VIDEO AT 12:15…………………….. Is our economy strong if the stock market soars and corporate profits hit new highs, while working people’s earnings stay flat and their jobs are unstable? A critical issue in this discussion is that we lack good measures of economic progress that include the share of good companies offering good jobs — jobs with good wages, benefits, stability, and opportunities for advancement. And it’s important not only for workers but also for businesses; employees who have good jobs are more engaged, more productive and more likely to stay.
Running a company with job quality in mind is good business, and a metric for quality jobs could improve decisions about where to invest, whom to lend to, and which companies to do business with. However, until now, there was no easy and consistent way to measure a businesses’ “people outcomes” and benchmark to industry peers.
In this event, the Economic Opportunities Program’s Good Companies/Good Jobs Initiative, in partnership with Working Metrics, unveils a new tool that assesses businesses’ job quality performance for frontline workers and benchmarks them against others.
This tool is part of a unique nonprofit-for profit collaboration with Working Metrics to get this tool into the hands of investors and businesses’ procurement systems to help them include firms’ treatment of workers in their decision making – thereby creating strong incentives for business change.
This event includes a presentation on this innovative new tool and a discussion with businesses who contributed to it and used it to improve their practices.