Posted on : November 12, 2017
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Category : Marketing
“I Didn’t Know MarTech Could Do That!” Travis Wright says that there is no doubt about the exponential growth in the Marketing Technology landscape. It is very obvious both in terms of the sheer breadth of the types of marketing as well as the number of marketing technology vendors. It just continues to explode.
  1. There is No single Platform Winner (Marketing Operating System)
  2. Find the “Human” within your Marketing Technology Landscape: Flip the equation from a technology led approach to a human and consumer-obsessed mindset.
  3. Agile Methodology is your Savior, not Roadmaps: With an ever-changing landscape that diversifies faster than it converges, you need to plan, prioritize and budget for these technologies.
  4. APIs and Service Oriented Architecture: Invest in and establish an API Service Layer in a loosely coupled architecture giving you extendibility and flexibility to plug-in and plug-out technologies as necessary.
  5. Be Clear About Your Build, Buy or Rent Strategy: Organizations still invest in building commoditized capabilities that are available outside at probably half the cost, more advanced and innovative and could be adopted and scaled at 10X the speed.
  6. Drive Internal Buy-In & Stakeholder Influence by Measuring ROI: Marketing technology needs to be measurable and accountable.